Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day

Today was the first day of school! Possibly my last ever first day of school, which is a pretty scary thought. I only had one class today - Latin - so it wasn't actually all that eventful. My Latin class has a surprising number of people (around 30, though Megan gets grumpy when I claim that that's a large class) but, from what I've heard from other people who have taken Latin at SU, a large chunk of that number will drop out after the first quarter. Yikes! I'm determined to stick it out, especially since only the second two quarters of Latin count towards the medieval studies minor.

My professor, Dr. Madsen, is very much the stereotypical Latin professor. He's very curmudgeonly, spent most of class off on random tangents about how much he hates modern technology, and claims that he will be teaching us just as he was taught Latin at SU in 1963-64. This should be an interesting year.

Today is also mine and Eddy's third anniversary! Woohoo! Since we had to go to school today, we celebrated last Saturday by taking a picnic to the zoo, going out to dinner and then out salsa dancing (we were pretty dreadful). It was a really nice last hurrah before school started.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Work Woes

My boss does not have the best record at getting our monthly schedules to us in a timely fashion. Usually he gets it to us a couple of days before the month starts, despite the fact that he asks us weeks in advance what days we can and cannot work for the month. Today is September first, and I just checked my email to see that he sent out September's schedule at 11:48pm August 31st.

I, of course, am working today. I really don't want to go in :(